Bryan Tucker
Seattle, WA


About me.


Long before I started telling stories behind a camera, as a child I was telling stories on paper with crayons. In retrospect, I'm not surprised to find myself here today.

I am an Emmy-winning producer and documentary filmmaker based in Seattle, WA. My first feature-length documentary film, Closure, secured national cable broadcast distribution, regional broadcast distribution on KCTS 9’s “Reel NW” series, and was distributed on Netflix, Hulu, iTunes and Amazon VOD. I work with a variety of freelance clients in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, and seek out projects that elevate marginalized voices and address social justice issues.

I am more than willing to be a one-man crew if that is what best fits your projects needs, but I love collaborating with other artists and filmmakers as well.  If you would like to share more about your projects and ideas with me, and hear some of mine, don't hesitate to contact me.






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